Grate Your Food, Not Your Fingers!


Some Love from Our Customers


I DID BUY IT!!! LOVE IT!!!! NO more injured fingertips and knuckles. Thank you!!

S. S – Instagram


Our family loves the Safegrate! It’s saved us from scraping or cutting ourselves many times when grating. I feel confident knowing that we can easily grate foods and that my kids can also do this without any mishaps.

Paul, Canada


Exceeds Expectations

J.L. – Amazon CA


It works like a charm. I am famous for getting cut in the kitchen.
This works perfectly for me. I tested it with hard & soft foods with total success. I have arthritis but this was easy to grasp. I never knew how to without this dandy little helper

K Walker – Amazon US


Non slip holding of vegetables while using your grater. Doubles as a set of tongs for turning items while cooking

John – Amazon US


Great finger protector when using the grate. I was looking for something that allows you to grip the food tightly while grating to protect your fingers. Came across this and it works like a charm.

Agatha – Amazon US


Used it for the first time the other day. WOW IT WORKS AMAZINGLY. No mire scraped knuckles.

Patricia Hungate – Amazon US


Love this gadget! Saves my fingernails and nuckles. Good investment

Gale Smith – Amazon US

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Introducing a problem-solving tool

SAFEGRATE TM – Finger Guard


A mission

Have you ever cut your fingers/knuckles/nails grating cheese or potatoes and had to rush off for a band-aid to stop the bleeding?
My name is Lori Turk and I am the inventor of the SAFEGRATE™ kitchen tool that protects your fingers when slicing/ grating food so that food preparation is SAFE for the whole family.

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Product key Features & Benefits


Safer and easier way to grate food.


Can be used with any grater you already have.


Works with any size food (cheese, carrots, potatoes, ginger etc.)


Protects fingers when cutting and slicing food.


Anyone can use it (grandmother, children).


Stainless steel dishwasher friendly.


Left and right-handed friendly.

The Safegrate grater hand guard is the finger-friendly way to grate or slice food. With a Stainless Steel Finger Guard Protecting Your Hands & fingers and Metal Tines That Securely Hold Your Food for a superior grip, you don’t have to worry about nicks or plastic getting in your food. Our slicing guard is even Kid-Friendly For Children As Young As 4!

The Safegrate Finger Protector Cutting Tool Is designed for Easy Gripping, no matter who you are. Its Versatile Design Is Great For All Hands, from young kids to adults, Left-Handed Or Right-Handed! Instead of having to buy a pricey automatic cheese grater or being afraid to use your knives or slicers, It’s the Safe, Economical Way to Use The Kitchen Tools You Already Own! Great with box grater for kitchen, cheese graters for kitchen, potato grater and hand grater.

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